Our lives are powered by technology of all forms – Computers, Smartphones, Applications, Networks, Interactive Interfaces/Devices and many more. Your business needs the technology edge to gain business agility – for decision-making, growth, profitability or get a lead in your niche. Most often, you stop at “How to”. And, the sum of your expectations is equated to value.

That’s exactly what we are for. We answer your “ How to” and add that VALUE to you. We aim to build that extra value with a distinct technology edge, to help your business go the distance. We believe technology should be a value enhancer. Get in touch with Peninlog, we bring in such value to give your business the adrenaline push.


To focus on emerging technologies and to implement simplified and convenient IT solutions without compromising Quality & Security.


To simplify Information Management Process by leveraging technology to increase efficiency in the areas of information usage, data mining and enabling revenue streams