From pure-play payments applications we have transcended to product development across diverse domains – Finance, Retail, HR, Automotive, Real Estate, Legal, Co-operative Marketing and Recipe Management. Peninlog offerings comprise of a comprehensive Mobile platform for mobile payments, a clutch of both web and mobile applications that help accelerate automation, with an aim to enhance productivity, optimize operations and accelerate business growth of our client businesses.



Let'sPay Remittance

Let’sPay Mobile application which enables multi-modal (card, internet/mobile) cross-border money transfers. This comprises Mobile Wallet, mPOS, Mobile Banking and Gift Voucher enabling simplified P2P mobile payments.

Let'sPay SMS Banking

Let’sPay SMS Banking offers Banks a non-intrusive, convenient and cost-effective option to build better customer relations. It is an effective personalized channel to receive transaction information or specific account information from the bank to the customer.

Let'sPay Switch

Versatility is what the Let’sPay Switch offers; it opens the gateway to a variety of financial transaction channels across borders and industries. The Switch is a middleware (Software Application Bridge) that enables seamless collaboration between external channels and internal core banking functions and linkages to enhance interoperability levels, increase sales and facilitate smooth transactions. Switch is the financial router of all external transactions – Merchants, ATM, POS, Internet, SMS and Mobile Banking, IVR etc.

Let'sPay Internet Banking

Bank customers get anytime/anywhere access to undertake their specific account transactions using a secure HTTPS channel. Back-end their access and transactions are verified with Bank’s Host Server and authorized. Credit advice is triggered through online/offline modes in conformance with service provider specifications for fulfilling third party bill payments.

Let'sPay Prepaid

The card is pre-loaded with spending limits, KYC features and designed to suit Retail and Enterprise requirements. Top-up or refund is enabled through phone/email and IVR. E.g. Cards for perks, food, daily allowances for remote project workers and executives on travel for business.

Let'sPay Gift Card

Much like presenting a personal gift to a friend/relative/employee on a special occasion-like birthday/wedding/award recognition etc., this is a mobile enabled gift voucher transaction secured by authenticated credit/debit card of sender instantly remitted via SMS banking to the beneficiary. Beneficiaries receive the amount and redeem at the nearest shop/store.

Let'sPay Reconciliation

Let’sPay Reconciliation is the process of balancing authorized transactions with clearing and settlement transactions, based on business rules and generate GL files and other reports.



Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Enterprise -wide complete suite for organisational management.

Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

Helps track by department and job code of job applicants.

Social Job Referral System

Crowd Sourcing Talent through Social Media with Referral Rewards.

Competency Management

Competency Mapping System for assessing training needs of employees.

Knowledge Assessment

A quiz-modeled assessment tool for periodic assessment of job and company information.

Document Management System (DMS)

Enhances traceability of retrieval of documents for HR tasks.



Auction – Reverse & Forward

A full-suite online auto bidding system


This software automates the process of recording test results from QC within the system and triggers exceptions for consideration in the next test schedule to stakeholders.


This software captures measurement lab data to a management-readable format to facilitate statistical/analytical reviews.