At every stage of your business, new processes emerge, paving the way for unique business application needs. Many of our prestigious customers stumbled upon such IT challenges and are well on their way to benefit from our solution delivery. At Peninlog we have treaded virgin territory and have evolved robust applications for our customers. Next time, you are thinking of filling a unique application whitespace, reach out to Peninlog.

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Business Solutions


Specific. Intuitive. Value Driven

As businesses evolves new needs emerge. Some may need a strategy change or process change, while others may need some effective tools to accomplish them. In effect, Peninlog software solutions give the added momentum to your business.

Mobile Apps


Simple. Convenient. Faster

Mobiles are everywhere; with the advent of smart phones the proliferation has been exponential. Increasingly mobile, is transforming from a simple communication tool into a powerful all pervasive enabler of payments, transactions and accelerating business growth. Peninlog is at the forefront of the mobility wave with its Let’sPay Mobile Payment platform. Further, churning out an array of mobile applications across domains – finance, retail, governance, automotive, enterprise, petroleum and more.